Couldridge History

George Couldridge Pascoe: Royal Horse Artillery 1269/73040 Corporal, Royal Horse Artillery Second Lieutenant, Royal Field Artillery Lieutenant 1914 - 1920 unknown number of Medals.

Charles Henry Couldridge: Air Force / Armed Forces ( General Administration ) 1918 - 1928 

Alfred Couldridge: Royal Fusiliers E/2022 Private 1914 - 1918 Victory Medals and War Medal.

Henry Frederick Couldridge: Air Force / Armed Forces ( General Administration ) 1918 - 1928 

Couldridge Preservation Society

Or C.P.S.

Matthew Couldridge: Labour Corps Regiment No: 689958 Private 1914 - 1918 unknown number of Medals.

Cyril Couldridge: Date of Birth:  09 February 1895 Air Ministry 1918 - 1919

Alec Couldridge: Royal Field Artillery 5th Reserve Brigade 960682 Gunner 17/9/1914 - 18/5/1918 Victory Medals War Medal 1915 Star and Possibly Dead Mans Penny.

Edwin C. Couldridge: Middlesex Regiment 30136 Private Labour Corps 47399 Private 1914 - 1920 unknown number of Medals.

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J. A. Couldridge:​ Merchant Seaman 1913-1972

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H. Couldridge: Northamptonshire Regiment Regiment #201389 Private unknown number of Medals

James Couldridge: Served 1806 - 1822 Unit 3RD Foot "The Buffs" 

The Military General Service Medal with bars for Vittoria, Toulouse and Pyrenees.

Harry Couldridge: Royal Navy 1886 - 1887

William Couldridge: 25th (King's Own Borderers) Regiment of Foot 1840 to 1845

Frederick A. Couldridge: Royal Field Artillery # 202259 Gunner Victory Medal, War Medal and 1915 Star.

Alexander Couldridge: Welsh Regiment 51611 Private King's Shropshire Light Infantry 29754 Private 1914 - 1918 Victory Medal War Medal..

Jack Oswald Couldridge: Second Lieutenant, 12th Battalion, attd. 2nd Battalion, Worcestershire Regiment Died: Nov. 6, 1916 Victory Medal, War Medal, 1915 Star and Dead Mans Penny Possibly Bravery Medal.

Charles Couldridge: Official Number:  M8 Place of Birth:  West Greenwich, London Date of Birth:  11 August 1888. Royal Navy 1908. unknown number of Medals. 

George Couldridge:  Rifle Brigade S/34731 Private Army Service Corps T/458687 Private 1914 - 1918 unknown number of Medals.

Frederick W. Couldridge:  6th Bedfordshire Regiment 12727 Private Victory Medal, War Medal, 1915 Star and Possibly Dead Mans Penny